The broadcast television transmission experience you're used to, evolved.
With clients like CBS Sports, Amazon Prime Video, MLB Network, and Skycam, BitFire is a true end-to-end live video production and transmission solution. Participating in events ranging from the Oscars, to the NHL Draft, to Dancing with the Stars, to the World Series and the Super Bowl, our versatile team and cutting-edge technology take your broadcast where it needs to go.
BitFire leverages the power and ubiquity of the Internet, without compromising quality or service.

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Video & Data Transmission

BitFire Transport Network for Video & Data

BitFire Networks network operations center

BitFire is a full-service transport network provider, operating a global-scale distributed systems network designed for live, broadcast-quality video and data transport.

Reliable, easy to deploy, and supported by our 24/7 Network Operations Center, BitFire provides top-tier transmission and production services.

Key Features

The BitFire Transport Network leverages BitFire's own transport and recovery algorithms, designed and developed in-house, for maximum efficacy and security.

  • Global-scale distributed transport network
  • 24/7 monitoring and broadcast engineering support
  • Customer Portal to schedule your own transmission
  • Best-in-class Firewall and NAT traversal
  • Encrypted, frame-accurately synchronized, low-latency transmission for multi-camera remote production
  • Web-based FireBridge live communication and monitoring platform enables fully distributed production
  • AES-67 Comms integration
  • Synchronized scoreboard data transport for sports
  • PTZ camera control
  • TSL and contact-closure tally transport
  • Fully-integrated connectivity to other transport methods, including fiber, satellite, SRT, and RTMP
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The natural evolution of satellite and fiber distribution, the BitFire Transport Network is a reliable and easily deployed solution for live video transmission. BitFire’s Transport Network makes both occasional-use and full-time transport more ubiquitously available and more cost-effective, while maintaining a level of service and engineering support commensurate with traditional broadcast television transmission methods.

As both occasional-use and full-time transmission and distribution migrate from fiber and satellite to IP, BitFire’s Transport Network provides a reliable solution, with 24/7 NOC monitoring and support, provided by broadcast television professionals.

Where and How

  • BitFire Engines can send and receive multiple feeds simultaneously, are easily deployed, and can be used on both public and private networks without the need for public IPs or inbound firewall rules
  • BitFire’s Transport Network is built on a tactical combination of cloud and BitFire-owned datacenters, and is intrinsically scalable for deployments of any size
  • BitFire's web portal allows customers to monitor the status of their BitFire Engines and feeds, and schedule transmission without calling the NOC
  • BitFire Engines are easily deployed in the cloud as well as on-prem, allowing you to pick up and drop off content at both terrestrial and cloud-based endpoints

Enterprise Solutions

BitFire Enterprise Custom Solutions

We love unique challenges! As an engineering-focused organization with experience in both production and transmission, BitFire’s team of industry experts excels at designing custom solutions for any environment.

From the research and development stage, to the final on-air product, BitFire can create and execute a solution for any production and/or transmission need.

Key Features

  • In-house development team
    • Building from the backbone of the BitFire Transport network, our team can customize our IP Transport technology to support your vision for the evolving production landscape.
  • Live Production Design and Implementation
    • Fully customized hybrid and distributed production workflows
  • Graphics and Creative Integration
    • Graphic package design
    • Live data integration
  • Multi-Destination Web Encoding
  • Custom Transmission Solutions
    • Muti-modal connectivity between IP, Fiber, and Satellite to get any show on the air with ease
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24/7 Network Operations Center

When you need support, we're here for you.

Call our NOC at 877-356-3232 any time, day or night. In seconds, you'll reach a qualified broadcast television professional who can help you get things back on track.

BitFire's NOC team monitors every feed in the network. Our advanced telemetry predicts and diagnoses issues, often before they occur.

24/7 Broadcast Transmission Support
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